How to write your first smart phone app in Xamarin Forms

November 19, 2018By Dave NashBlog No Comments

Smart phones are everywhere today, in fact you can’t walk down the street without spotting someone glued to that little screen; interacting with one of the thousands of apps available to download and enjoy. But, have you ever wondered what involved with writing an app yourself? In this tutorial for beginners we’re going to build a … Read More

Build a blockchain with C++

October 20, 2017By Dave NashBlog 54 Comments

So, you might have heard a lot about something called a blockchain lately and wondered what all the fuss is about. A blockchain is a ledger which has been written in such a way that updating the data contained within it becomes very difficult, some say the blockchain is immutable and to all intents and … Read More

How to use JWT with Seneca, Passport and Express on NodeJS

February 15, 2017By Dave NashBlog 1 Comment

Ever wondered how to get JWT access working on Seneca running through Express? I certainly was! Here’s a quick tutorial showing you the code I put together after reading lots of other blogs and scratching my head. Start off by creating a workspace, open a command prompt and create a directory called seneca-jwt-tutorial then move inside it:

  … Read More