About me

I am a web and mobile developer based in London with experience in the marketing, public relations, publishing and charity sectors. My employment history shows that, whilst I primarily has a technical ability, I also have a creative flair with extensive management experience.

A brief history…

I started using my family’s Acorn Electron computer when I was five years old, my parents thought it was important I started using computers from an early age. Then, from the age of seven, my mother showed me how to program in BASIC and ever since then, with the support of my parents, I began to gain a keen interest in software development.

As I’ve been programming for so many years, I’ve used a lot of different languages and frameworks, here’s an exhaustive list: BBC BASIC, Sinclair BASIC, Pascal, Visual Basic/VBA, C, C++, HTML/CSS (neither a language or framework), VBScript with ASP, PHP, Javascript, ActionScript, Objective-C, C# and .NET.

I began developing for the web full time in 2003, but I had started familiarising myself with internet development in 1999; which culminated in developing a Content Management System called Aftershock which I continued to develop until 2010. I have also gained skills in Linux server administration, including in-depth knowledge of Apache, specifically the use of mod_rewite, and the Asterisk VoIP server.

“Despite the tons of examples and docs, mod_rewrite is voodoo. Damned cool voodoo, but still voodoo.”

Brian Moore

And whilst I’m not on a computer…

Other things I enjoy are: meeting friends, taking long meandering walks, reading Poirot novels, watching Frasier and visiting Germany; but the one thing I enjoy the most is driving. Most of my friends in London don’t own driving licenses and I can’t begin to explain to them what they’re missing, there’s nothing I like more than being on the open road. In fact, one of my most favourite things is the sight of the ‘No Restrictions’ sign approaching on a clear dry day whilst driving on an Autobahn, nothing beats it.